Daily Archives: February 9, 2017

 Moravian ministers’ sex case could move to another parish

MANDEVILLE, Manchester — Up to late yesterday, it was still not clear if Moravian ministers Dr Paul Gardner and Jermaine Gibson completed the process to take up a bail offer granted in the Manchester Circuit Court earlier in the day.

Jamaican arrested at US airport for possession of child porn 

A man, said to be a Jamaican citizen, was Monday arrested at the Orland International Airport in Florida after his cellphone was searched and found to contain two child porn videos, the ABC News affiliate, WHTV9 reported on its website yesterday.

Jamaicans urged to do more to protect children 

STATE minister in the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information Floyd Green is imploring Jamaicans to do more to protect the nation’s children by telling what they know about incidents of child abuse.

US flights from Sangster airport cancelled due to winter storm 

ST JAMES, Jamaica — Three flights out of Montego Bay to New York and Newark in the United States have been cancelled due to the onset of Winter Storm Helena.