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Our list of top Jamaican Christmas songs 

It’s just over a month before Christmas, can you believe it? Will it “ketch yu inna good mood” this year? We sure hope so.

Ninjaman found guilty of murder 

Veteran dancehall deejay, Ninjaman, born Desmond Ballentine, and two co-accused, including the entertainer’s son, Janeil, were on Monday found guilty of the 2009 murder of Ricardo Johnson, also known as ‘Trooper’, in Olympic Garden, St Andrew.

‘Not dancehall’s fault’

CLYDE McKenzie is calling on persons seeking to blame dancehall music for society’s moral breakdown and rise in criminal activity not to be so hasty in their judgement.

Ninjaman ‘alive and well’: Entertainer’s lawyer rubbishes death rumour

Embattled deejay Desmond ‘Ninjaman’ Ballentine is not dead. On Tuesday, social media exploded with reports that the deejay had died. However, attorney at law Valerie Neita Robertson has assured his fans that he is “alive and well”.

Bob Marley fifth-highest earning dead celebrity with US$23 million 

Bob Marley died 36 years ago, but he’s still generating millions of US dollars.

The Jamaican reggae icon is fifth on the Forbes list of top-earning dead celebrities with US$23 million in earnings this year.

WHERE ARE THEY NOW: Junior Cat switches gun lyrics for love songs 

With Jamaica on edge as the murder rate breached the 1300 mark this month, veteran artiste Junior Cat is perturbed at the wanton blood lust that has seemingly overtaken the youths of Jamaica and the dark turn in the lyrical content of songs that dominate the nation’s airwaves.