Prodigal Son—

GOSPEL deejay Prodigal Son says he will re-launch his career this year, and though inspirational music remains his focus, he plans to step outside of the box.

“I am creating myself all over again and yes I will be doing gospel music still because I am a Christian and that will never change,” Prodigal Son told Splash.

In addition to gospel, the 27-year-old artist will record secular songs with an emphasis on social issues.

“When I made the announcement late last year that I will be doing social commentary, some critics were very sceptical as they misinterpreted what I meant. I will not be doing anything that is derogotary or distasteful. It is all clean, I am just trying to create a balance,” he said.

That balance is reflected in two albums he is currently recording. One will be traditional gospel while the other is a reggae set.

Prodigal Son

Prodigal Son

According to Prodigal, the latter is slated to be released this summer and contains tracks like I Am Going Home with Konshens; Tears I Cry, Love is My Religion and Move Inna Zion.

“You can think Bob Marley when you think of my reggae album. Like Bob, my music will be able to be played in the church halls,” he said.

Among the musicians and producers working on the albums are Dean Fraser, Sherita Lewis and Radical Yard Entertainment.

Prodigal Son has been on the entertainment scene for 15 years. In 2001, he released his debut album Radical Prodical on the Main Street Music Label. His other albums include The Remain, Genesis, Kingdom Swagga-nomics and Halfway There.

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