Haulage contractors stage protest at Kingston Free Port

ST ANDREW, Jamaica — Haulage contractors at the Kingston Freeport Terminal including truck drivers and loaders have stopped working in protest against delayed cargo retrievals, which they say is causing them to lose revenue.

General Manager of the Port Trailer Haulage Association, Ricardo Valentine told the OBSERVER ONLINE that faulty equipment and other factors are hindering the workers’ productivity.

“Normally it takes 30 minutes to clear a container, now it takes two to four hours and that is causing drivers to lose money because they’re paid by how much trips they make, they’re also missing deadlines,” he explained

Valentine added that this has been a persisting problem ever since the Kingston Freeport changed management in 2016.

According to Valentine, the contractors met with the Freeport authorities sometime last year and where assured that something would be done about the problem.

“When we met last year they said they would do something, but still nothing.”

Valentine said that the industrial action would last until the contractors had something in writing that their problems would be solved.

OBSERVER ONLINE was informed by the Operation’s Manager, Norman Williams at the Kingston free Port terminal that a meeting would be held with the contractors to discuss the matter.
More information later.

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