KINGSTON, Jamaica — Jamaica has been listed as the eighth most stressful place in the world, according to website SiliconIndia.

The list, posted to siliconindia.com, placed Jamaica between Pakistan and Masodonia.

“Jamaica is certainly famous for many things; it is known for its beautiful beaches, rivers, waterfalls and landscapes. It is also renowned for its music — namely reggae and ska — and its rich nightlife.

“However, the things that are making Jamaica so stressful are unemployment, lack of morals and values within the home, lack of proper educational facilities and opportunities. Crime and violence are other serious issues. With the current debt burden at about 130 per cent of gross domestic product (GDP), unemployment at its highest level in 20 years, a sliding Jamaican dollar, a depleting Net International Reserve (NIR) and huge balance of payment are the major problems economic problems faced in Jamaica.

And all this problems did not occur overnight, but was caused by irregularities and weak functioning of the government,” the report read.

Also on the stressful list were: Colombia, Guatemala, Mongolia, El Salvador, South Africa, and Nigeria – cited as the most stressful country in the world.


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