Jamaicans encouraged to seek positive conflict resolution methods

KINGSTON, Jamaica (JIS) — State Minister for National Security, Senator Pearnel Charles Jr, has reiterated the call for Jamaicans to seek positive conflict-resolution methods and not turn to violence to resolve their issues.

Speaking at ‘A Morning of Prayer and Praise’ this morning for the staff of Fort Augusta Adult Correctional Centre on South Camp Road in Kingston, Charles Jr said the responsibility of reducing crime is not solely that of the Ministry of National Security but that of every Jamaican.

“If we continue to think of it as the Minister of National Security’s responsibility, we’re going to continue to have a runaway train,” he said.

The state minister called on persons engaged in illegal activities to change their negative thoughts and behaviours in 2018.

“This year must be one when we do something different. If we continue along the same path doing the same things, we’re going to get the same results,” he said.

Charles Jr encouraged Jamaicans to value themselves more and practise good morals among persons in their households.

“If you value yourself, you’re more likely to value another person, and you’re more likely to make a decision that shows and demonstrates that you value your community. This is something we have to do in 2018, every day and every month,” he emphasised.

He argued that weapons are not the foundation of the crime issues, but the human brains of Jamaicans which are not positively engaged in productive activities.

“The only thing that I believe can stop the brain sometimes is the heart. The heart must be wrapped up and must be filled with the right kinds of elements, and that comes from understanding. If you are not guided by the right spirit, then you are guided by the wrong,” he said.

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