By Sadeke Brooks—

While some entertainers throw grand events for fans to help them celebrate their birthdays, singer, Peter Lloyd, wants everyone to help him mark his special day tomorrow by doing an act of kindness.

And he intends to build a virtual treasure trove of the diverse individual acts as Lloyd explained to The Gleaner that he wants those who grant him his birthday wish to write about it on his Facebook fan page (, or mention it to him on Twitter@peterlloyd1.

The singer-actor explained that the act of kindness does not have to be extravagant, but can be something like helping a blind man cross the road. “It’s simple, nothing elaborate … getting us back to the Jamaica that still exists at the core. I want to genuinely contribute to my country. I thought this would be a way to inspire people. I want to do this every birthday,” he said.

Contextualising his request, Lloyd said, “I am a positivist. I believe that an artist should make people feel better. That’s what I believe, my personality. I strive to improve the world in any way I can to make people feel a little better.”

Peter Lloyd

Peter Lloyd

It is not a new wish for him, but it is the first time Lloyd has put it into action. “I’ve had this birthday idea for about five years, but I decided to implement it this year. If on my birthday, I can make people feel better that ultimately creates a better world, better environment and a better world for me,” Lloyd said.

As for an actual performance or party, Lloyd says he does not “want to be a distraction. So no performance unless you count my Jamaica Jazz and Blues festival performance on Friday (January 31).”

Lloyd also noted that his performance at Jamaica Jazz and Blues 2014 at the Trelawny Multi-purpose Stadium will be his second showing on the festival’s main stage. It will also mark his first performance on a major concert in Jamaica for five years, as he is “constantly on the road touring”.

Also breaking a long absence by Lloyd is his newest single, Blood On Your Hands, the first song he has released in Jamaica in over seven years. Blood on Your Hands is also the first single from his album, The Love Messenger Returns, to be released this summer.

“I am still recording. I have a particular idea that I am working on, which is to record the album all over the island. The project is going to be great. It’s gonna be good, no questions about that,” Lloyd said.

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