Police High Command requests names of cops in sickout

KINGSTON, Jamaica — Rank and file members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) who staged a sickout in response to the Government’s six per cent wage offer could face sanctions from the Police High Command.

In a letter dated December 29, 2017, from the police commissioner’s office, obtained by the OBSERVER ONLINE, area, branch and divisional commanders have been instructed to submit the names of members who reported sick between December 22-28, 2017 with no exceptions being made.

According to the letter, the list of names and other information attached on a matrix must be accurate and complete and submitted by 12:00 pm today.

In response to this, the Police Federation encouraged members who reported sick and are now “allegedly [being] targeted or victimised” to immediately make an official report to its office.

Last month the federation shot down the four per cent increase in year one, and two per cent in year two offer as “unacceptable”, after several rounds of talks with the finance ministry which resulted in approximately 2,730 rank and file members calling in sick.

Days ago, general secretary of the federation Sergeant Cecil McCalla said the men and women of the JCF would not accept the Government’s “sluggish, stubborn and unreasonable” position and that it was grossly disappointing that the Administration had returned with essentially the same offer as before.

The police argued that they had been assured by Finance Minister Audley Shaw at a mid-December meeting that he would separate them from other public sector groups and that Cabinet would be asked to consider a reduced set of items.

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