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Bull Bay residents welcome new Taylor Land Bridge

An unpleasant chapter for residents of the Taylor Land section of Bull Bay, east rural St Andrew has been closed with the replacement of the Greenvale Bridge in that area.

Residents expressed gratitude and relief at the completion of the works, with several saying it significantly reduced both travel time and vehicular wear in their daily commutes.

Prior to the replacement, motorists had to either drive through a gully or otherwise take the longer route to avoid the damaged bridge.

Member of Parliament, Juliet Holness, speaking at the official reopening, expressed a sense of joy at being able to replace the former structure, which had fallen into disrepair.

“Greenvale Bridge was in a deteriorated state last year,” Holness said, adding that the metal slats on the underside of the bridge had worn and fallen out, making it unsafe for vehicular traffic.


“Having spent the better part of a year making representation, I’m now at a place where I can say thanks, the government, with the NWA has been able to replace the bridge”

The bridge is the first of several purchased from China and which are being retrofitted in Jamaica. Chesterfield and Barracks in St. Mary and Southwood in Clarendon are next on the list to be replaced.

Holness also said the completed bridge allows for quicker more efficient response by the police, thereby enhancing the safety and security of the area.

Contractor Alex Chin said the replacement work took a little over five weeks and allowed for vehicular and pedestrian traffic to use the bridge over the Christmas holidays.