MIXX102/EARTH96 RADIO PROGRAM


Mixx102 Media Network LLC intends to establish an internet based entertainment entity that is economically viable in the multimedia and music industry. We produce Multicultural Radio Programming that include Music,  News, Live Interviews, Radio Comedy Theater, and Commentary on Social, Economic and Political issues from the Caribbean and The Caribbean Diaspora. Our focus is to serve the Caribbean communities under the banner of “Our Unity is Our Strength”.


  • To create an opportunity for the diverse cultural exchange, and to express the talents of our individual islands that is represented within our communities
  • To supply diversity in music to the community at large
  • Impetus to balancing the effects of other music while not in opposition to other popular mainstream entertainment


  • Supply to the demand for positive yet highly informative and entertaining programs.
  • Provide a platform to individuals that makes a conscious effort to produce shows that offer responsible music and other entertainment that is appropriate and appealing to all listening audiences, but with an emphasis on the Caribbean culture .
  • Bring good press to Mixx102/Earth96, and continue to establish the Tri- State as a musical capital in the North East
  • Establish a liaison within our various communities in the Tri-State area and the world.
  • TARGET AUDIENCE: The Caribbean Community and people with strong interest in the Caribbean communities in the greater Tri-State Area and the world at large.
  • Were on 24/7.

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