By Basil Walters
REGGAE star Bunny Wailer and the Rastafari Millennium Council are promoters of the fifth annual Trumpet Rally, which takes place tomorrow at Trench Town Culture Park.

Wailer, an original member of the famous Wailers group, will be among speakers at the event which starts at 10:00 am.

Bunny Wailer

Parliamentarian Mike Henry, a longtime advocate for reparations from the British government to descendants of slaves, will also speak.

“I and I have been inspired since the millennium to blow the trumpet to secure the justice and victory of I and I prophetic ‘livity’, this now being the fifth Trumpet Call. The community has responded dutifully and respectfully to these gatherings,” Bunny Wailer stated in his letter of invitation.

Music industry veteran Maxine Stowe told the Jamaica Observer that the intellectual property of indigenous Rastafarian culture will also be addressed.

She noted that UNESCO and the World Intellectual Property Rights Organisation (WIPO) recently staged workshops with representatives of the Rastafarian community on these issues.