Capleton’s Raggy Road

SEVERAL entertainers were among the scores of people gathered in the courtyard of the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court in Half-Way-Tree yesterday to find out whether or not Capleton — who had spent the weekend in police lock-up — would be granted bail.

Capleton (given name Clifton Bailey) was granted bail in the sum of $250,000. He is charged with the rape of a hairdresser and is scheduled to next appear in court on June 14.

In addition to Capleton’s parents and sister — who all did not wish to speak with the Jamaica Observer — entertainers Anthony Cruz, Tony Rebel, and Queen Ifrica were present.

Queen Ifrica said the presence of supporters was inevitable based on Capleton’s character.

“Shango [Capleton] a wi friend. Mi happy fi know seh him get bail and mi hope it’s a quick process and him come out and we get fi see a wah gwaan. At the end of the day, it’s just speculations, wi don’t know, so we can’t seh him innocent and we can’t seh him guilty, so we just a wait. Is a good youth and is a youth weh everybody love and respect, that is why you see the support here today,” Queen Ifrica told the Observer.

Entertainer Tony Rebel was also present: “As far as I am concerned, if you are before the courts that is not bad…it’s if you are pronounced guilty. ‘Cause anyone can trump up a charge on you. Right now mi deh right yah so a man can charge mi fi anything, but if you are found guilty and you are sentenced that is what I am concerned about. Right now I want to encourage entertainers to stay away from getting into trouble or be vigilant because sometimes you don’t have to get into trouble, trouble can get into you,” Rebel said.

Reggae act Bamboo Kallum added that he is constantly around Capleton and hailed him as a nation builder.

Meanwhile, Judge Vaughn Smith told the artiste that no contact should be made with the accuser.

His attorney Christopher Townsend is happy that the request made by Clerk of Court Hansurd Lawson for the entertainer to surrender his travel documents was denied.

“I’m very happy. More so, I am happy that the parish magistrate did not take his passport,” Townsend told the Observer.

Rebel noted the negative impact the inability to travel poses to entertainers, adding that it also affects fans and promoters.

Judge Smith noted, however, that he will revisit Lawson’s request if the 51-year-old misses a court date.

Capleton is booked for a series of shows overseas in the coming months.

According to the Corporate Communications Unit, the Jamaica Constabulary Force’s information arm, Capleton hired a female hairdresser to groom his hair at a New Kingston hotel on April 28. It is alleged he forcibly had sexual intercourse with her. The hairdresser made a report to the police on May 2.

He was arrested and charged after being interviewed in the presence of his attorney.

The police say Capleton later reported a case of extortion against the woman at the Half-Way-Tree Police Station and the cops say a probe into those allegations against the woman is ongoing.

Capleton emerged on the dancehall scene in the late 1980s. A decade later he embraced Rastafarism and is known for songs including Tour, Wing of The Morning, More FireRaggy Road, and Jah Jah City.

He hosts an annual charity show called St Mary Mi Come From.

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