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Spare a thought for others

PRIME Minister Andrew Holness has made a plea to countries that have been stockpiling doses of COVID-19 vaccines to release their surplus to Jamaica and other states with a high demand for supplies.

Airports closed, houses collapse under the weight of La Soufriere ash

The effects of the La Soufriere volcano eruption is being felt way beyond the shores of St Vincent.

Man plants 400 acres of forest in Portland

With a last name that literally translates to ‘mountain peak’, it is no wonder that Dr Satyanarayana Parvataneni has planted 162 hectares (400 acres) of forests which is just over 300,000 seedlings in Portland, with plans to plant another 40 hectares (100 acres) by next year.

Uber coming to Jamaica: Here’s how to become a driver

Ride-sharing giant Uber announced recently that the app will soon be available in the Kingston, St Andrew and St Catherine areas of Jamaica, bringing with it an opportunity for lessor partners to earn extra at their convenience.

Top 20 most volatile, vulnerable communities targeted for renewal

Of 20 Jamaican communities deemed to be the most violence-prone, volatile and vulnerable, 14 are located in the parishes of Kingston and St Andrew, four in St James, and one each in St Catherine and Clarendon.

Death of Two Women Inside Hillside Restaurant Under Investigation by Union County Prosecutor’s Office

While you slept overnight, the Union County Prosecutor’s Office has launched an investigation into two women’s death found in a building in Hillside on Tuesday afternoon.