Drunk driver kills the man who tried to help him

A Good Samaritan was killed by the same man he attempted to help.

Jefferson Heavner, 27, was shot and killed in North Carolina by a drunk driver after he stopped to help him out. Heavner stopped his truck to help Marvin Jacob Lee after Lee’s car became stuck in the snow.

Other passing motorists had also stopped to help the suspect but noticed that Lee was intoxicated. Heavner called the police so they could handle the situation. At some point, Lee became hostile, pulled out a gun and shot at the group of motorists, hitting Heavner. According to Catawba Sheriff Coy Reid, Lee stood over Heavner as he lay on the ground and shot him several more times before jumping into his car.

He resisted orders from the authorities when they arrived, so an armoured truck and tactical team were called in and he was eventually taken into custody.

No one else was injured in the incident.

A GoFundMe page was created to help raise $5,000 for funeral expenses and assistance for Heavner’s surviving 17-month-old son. Over $14,000 was donated within a day.

Heavner’s sister, Jessica Heavner, said that her brother was always helping others in need.

“Pretty much the irony is he went out of this world doing what he loved to do: helping people,” she said.

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