Gay prostitute accuses district constable who shot him of not paying for sex

KINGSTON, Jamaica — A self-professed homosexual was on Thursday hauled before the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate’s Court for robbing a district constable.

However, the gay man told the court that he did not rob the district constable, and that he had simply confronted him because he refused to pay for sex on a previous occasion.

“Me work him two times before and the second time him neva pay me,” the 21-year-old Everton Malcolm told the court repeatedly.

Malcolm, otherwise called London, was arrested and charged with robbery with aggravation and assault at common law.

Malcolm was reportedly one of two men in women’s clothing, who approached the district constable in his car when he stopped at the traffic light at the intersection of Holborn and Trafalgar Road in New Kingston on July 19.

It is alleged that Malcolm pushed his hand inside the car and held onto a brown paper bag containing the district constable’s medication and Nokia phone. The district constable reportedly held onto Malcolm’s hand and Malcolm brandished a knife and was shot.

But Malcolm gave a different story.

According to him, he approached the car and pushed his head inside when he noticed that it was the district constable who had refused to pay for his sexual favours.

Malcolm said he also saw that the district constable had a gun. He said he ran off into the park and heard an explosion and realised he was shot in the back. He said he kept on running and hid inside the tunnel.

He was later arrested.

Tanesha Mundle


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