American gospel act Donnie McClurkin performing on Best Dressed Fun in the Son, held at the National Heroes Park in Kingston, recently. (Photos: William Foster)—

AMERICAN gospel singer Donnie McClurkin said he is planning to return to Jamaica in September and pump $30 million in the island’s health and education sectors.

McClurkin, who was headliner at the recently staging of Best Dressed Fun in the Son gospel concert in Kingston, was speaking with the

Jamaica Observer in an exclusive interview.

“It was Jamaicans (in Jamaica, Queens, New York) who taught me to sing Jamaican songs as a little boy… It is the ministry that came out of Jamaica that inspired me to sing Jamaican songs. I didn’t know it would open me to the island,” the three-time Grammy award winner told the Observer.

“This is a godly country and when there is need … God is going to take care of his people, [even] if he has to call us from America or around the world. This country belongs to God. From politics to school to education to government — the whole nine yards — this is a godly nation and God has laid it on my heart to come. Why? Only because he takes care of his own,” McClurkin continued.

Donnie McClurkin

Donnie McClurkin

According to the singer, his team will be joining forces with local churches and visit various parishes carrying out outreach and charity activities. This involves distributing food at a Riverton City school; footballs and computers for children in Maverley, St Andrew; in St Ann there’ll be medical assistance for an infirmary, medical supplies for the hospital, furniture for a school, and food distribution in Market Back. Montego Bay will also be the recipient of the food and clothes distribution.

This is not the first time McClurkin would be embarking on such an initiative. Two years ago he donated $60 million in equipment to Jamaica’s ailing health sector.

“I don’t want to come here and be the great hope. I want to co-join with those who are here and are Jamaican-born and have Jamaica at heart, because God laid this island on my heart to come and just be a part of the ministry here and help those who are in need. Music is fine, but if I can’t meet the needs of people then I’m wasting time,” he said.

Pastor of The Perfecting Church in New York, McClurkin is known for tracks including Only You Are Holy, Stand, I Call You Faithful, and Great Is Your Mercy.

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