Gunmen rob Power of Faith church in Portmore on Sunday morning

Four gunmen broke into the Power of Faith Ministries International Inc Church in Portmore, St Catherine early on Sunday morning and beat up and gagged a security guard at the complex before ransacking the bishop’s office and taking various items.

Bishop Delford Davis of the church confirmed the incident in an interview with Loop News.

“The gunmen concentrated on the office, they didn’t take any of the church equipment. I can’t assess the damage right now, I can’t talk long, I am with the security people right now, so I can’t say much,” Bishop Davis told Loop News reporter, Claude Mills.

Checks with the Corporate Communications Unit (CCU) of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) failed to unearth any further information, as a representative of the police’s information arm said the unit had no formal report of the incident.

However, anecdotal reports from various sources indicated that the four gunmen entered the church compound and tied up and gagged the security guard on duty.

The men then cut the grill, ripped off the office door and ransacked the entire office before leaving with several valuable items.

“I am glad there was no life lost, but the gunmen took a lot of stuff from the office in the early morning,” said a member of the congregation.

“We had a service (on Sunday), but there was no preaching. We had the singing with the choir, but the live service was not broadcast (externally, as normal),” explained the source.

“It was a very sad scene. Bishop Davis wept; he threw himself on the ground. (Other) grown men wept at the altar. It was a terrible scene,” the congregant further outlined to Loop News.

“There is something seriously wrong in the country when gunmen can rob a church that does so much powerful and great works for the people,” declared the ardent churchgoer.