Jamaican reggae artist Jah Cure is the latest international performer to face legal woes whilst on tour in Trinidad.

The 36-year-old performer, real name Siccature Alcock, was arrested by marshals of the Port -of-Spain High Court shortly after completing his performance at a show at the O2 Park in Chaguaramas on Sunday night.

Alcock, who has been a regular fixture on the local entertainment scene since being released after serving an eight year prison for rape in Jamaica in 2008, was brought to the Hall of Justice around 1 am.

After lengthy discussions between his lawyer Mario Merritt and attorneys for the local promoter who he owes over TT $83,000 in performance fees for a concert that did not materialize, Alcock was allowed to go free.

Jah Cure

Jah Cure

The T&T Guardian understands that Alcock was able to pay US$6000 in cash to the court and agreed to pay the remainder by this evening.

Alcock is expected to return to court tomorrow morning to report to Justice James Aboud if he was able to meet the deadline.

In July dancehall artist Reano Busy Signal Gordon was arrested before performing in a concert after a promoter sought emergency court intervention over an unpaid US $37000 debt. He too was able to negotiate an agreement and was later allowed to leave the country.


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