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Jamaican missing in Mexico found dead on street but was ‘unidentified’ 

A Jamaican man who seemingly tried to cross illegally into the United States, died in Mexico recently, says Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade Minister, Senator Kamina Johnson Smith.

The Jamaican Government is preparing to assist the family in repatriating the body to Jamaica, Johnson Smith disclosed at Wednesday’s post-Cabinet press briefing, during which she briefly mentioned that there is another developing situation involving kidnappings.

The minister did not elaborate on the matter involving the kidnappings.

The Government, in recent weeks, has expressed deep concern about the number of Jamaicans using the Central American route to illegally enter the US and has pointed to the dangers of such illegal channels, including kidnapping, human trafficking and even death.

Johnson Smith, in outlining some details of the recent death, said the young man’s body was found on a street in Mexico.

“… Just this week it has come to my attention that a young man who had been missing in Mexico, has now been identified as having died,” she said.

“He was regrettably an unidentified person found on a street in Mexico, and his family had no idea where he was, and the persons who were supposed to have been travelling with him became uncontactable by the family,” the minister continued.

“However, some efforts were made by our embassy in Mexico to reach out to the department that is responsible for the identification of personnel and persons, and it was found that the young Jamaican citizen was identified as having had an autopsy performed on him, but not having the body claimed,” she added.

Johnson Smith did not provide details on the man’s cause of death, or how exactly he arrived in Mexico.

“The family didn’t share the exact route how he got into Mexico, but he died in Mexico, so we know that’s where he travelled to,” she said, adding: “We (the Government) will be working with the family to see what we can do in terms of repatriation of the body.”

The minister again warned Jamaicans to desist from entering the US using illegal routes, as there are “real consequences” to doing so.

“… And again, just recognising that these things are not… a bed of roses, and the stories that these scammers, smugglers sell to individuals in vulnerable communities… shouldn’t be trusted.

“I believe there is another developing situation on which I will update in short order, but perhaps it’s at an early stage, but it involves kidnappings,” stated Johnson Smith.

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