JATOO opposed to changes to INDECOM

KINGSTON, Jamaica — The Jamaica Association of Transport Owners and Operators (JATOO) has opposed recent pronouncements by the Government to make changes to the operations of the Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) — a move which was also supported by the Opposition parliamentarians.

JATOO is of the view that INDECOM was instituted to investigate abuses by the police, therefore any softening of its powers will undoubtedly be viewed by the said police as government authorising the use of excessive force by law enforcement agencies.

It said transport service providers have been the target of abuse by agents of the state. JATOO argued that prior to INDECOM, service providers were shot, (injured or killed) by corrupt agents of the state, adding that these abuses also include extortion, disrespectful behavior towards operators and false accusations.

It further added that since the advent of INDECOM they noticed “a significant reduction in the state agents’ abuse of their power. We were also able to report such abuses and got satisfactory result”.

JATOO said it also believes that, any plan to reduce the power of INDECOM will result in a deterioration of service to passengers as operators will concentrate on eluding corrupt enforcers while neglecting the needs of the passengers.

The association called on the government to convene a meeting with all stakeholders so that a united position can be had before a final decision is taken.

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