Legal action looms over ‘shooting’ remark in Portia replacement race 

The furor over the process of selecting a candidate to replace former Prime Minister, Portia Simpson Miller, as the Member of Parliament (MP) for the South West St Andrew constituency

has taken a deeper turn, with potential court action in the wings from one of the main contenders for the position.

The ‘Our Audrey’ Campaign Team behind Audrey Smith-Facey, Councillor for the Payne Land Division in the constituency, who is up against the Simpson Miller-backed Angela Brown-Burke, Councillor for the Norman Gardens Division in Eastern Kingston, has advised that a statement that was made by fellow South West St Andrew Councillor, Karl Blake, on radio on Monday morning, had implied involvement of the Smith-Facey camp in the recent shooting of Blake.

In a letter sent to People’s National Party (PNP) General Secretary, Julian Robinson, backed by an audio of the remarks from Blake, and copied to other party bigwigs and other persons relative to the contest, the Smith-Facey team declared that Blake had linked a recent gun attack on him to his support for Brown-Burke, which, by extension, implied that the Smith-Facey camp was behind the attack.

They chided Blake for having made the link despite what the opposing team said was an indication from the Police High Command, following an investigation of the incident, that the attack on Blake was not politically motivated.

The Smith-Facey team took serious issue with what was said to be Blake’s statement that “… they will have to shoot me again” over his support for Brown-Burke.

The complainants said as a result of threats that have been received since Blake’s statement, Smith-Facey has had to increase her security arrangements.

The group called for the party secretariat to effect strong disciplinary action against Blake, including a withdrawal of the “shoot me again” statement.

They said the matter would be referred to their attorneys for appropriate legal action.

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