Magnitude 4.9 earthquake felt across Jamaica

An earthquake measuring 4.9 on the Richter scale was felt across Jamaica at approximately 7:31 last evening. No damage was reported up to press time last night.

The Android Earthquake Alert System said the quake was also felt in Cuba.

The epicentre was said to be eight kilometres from Buff Bay in Portland.

The Earthquake Unit at The University of the West Indies, in its preliminary report, said the quake was felt in St Thomas, Portland, Kingston and St Andrew, St Catherine, and Clarendon.
Jamaicans who took to X (formerly Twitter) to create memes, as they joked about the quake, were criticised by an individual who said “Jamaicans are so unserious. People are literally laughing and already creating memes about an earthquake.”

“Fun and joke aside, I hope everyone is ok cause that was strong #earthquake,” said a post by Indie@_diary.

DJ LAVA @djlavaloy, in a post said: “That #Earthquake some fi shake we up enuh. Jamaica a gwaan too bad inna one day. Resignation, robbery, queeni n June plum; just pure excitement and drama caan done.”

Another individual, in a post, said: “Just called my manager to let her know I am not coming in tomorrow [Friday] because I am a bit shaken up.”