Passenger shot dead by driver after fare squabble — report 

Angry residents gathered on Spanish Town Road in the vicinity of Delacree Park to protest the shooting death of a community member. The placard-bearing women claim that Albert Robertson was shot in the back of the head as he disembarked a public passenger bus. (Photo: Karl McClarthy)

KINGSTON, Jamaica — Angry residents today staged a protest along Spanish Town Road in the vicinity of Delacree Park over the shooting death of a community member.

Twenty-seven-year-old Albert Robertson, a construction worker of a St Catherine address, was shot dead during a confrontation with a license firearm holder on Wednesday.

It is alleged that Robertson and another man boarded a public passenger Toyota Coaster motor bus at Plantation Heights en route to downtown Kingston about 12:05 pm. It is said that the men refused to pay their fares and were asked to exit the bus.

A female passenger reportedly paid the fare and the driver continued on the journey.  Upon reaching the vicinity of St Joseph Road, Robertson asked the driver to stop, the police report added.

The police said that upon exiting the bus the conductor and the driver were attacked with a knife and an ice pick by Robertson and the other man. The driver then pulled his license firearm and shot Robertson, the lawmen said.

However, the residents today gave a different account of events. One irate woman, who spoke on condition of anonymity, agreed that the events leading up to the bus stop were true but told OBSERVER ONLINE that the bus conductor was the one who attacked Robertson as he stepped off the bus.

“When him a come out of di bus, di conductor kick him and somebody fling stone pon di bus. One licence firearm holder come out and shoot him inna him head back and go a station go report say him did a try rob the bus,” the woman said.

The residents are claiming that the licensed firearm holder is a former policeman.

The matter has been reported to the Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM).

Racquel Porter

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