Search scope widened for boy washed away by flood waters 

Local authorities are to continue a search on Thursday for a boy who was reportedly washed away by flood waters in August Town, St Andrew on Wednesday.

Police sources from the community said the search for the child took place for several hours on Wednesday, but was called off because of visibility problems.

“The search was yesterday suspended because of visibility issues, but this morning police and residents in the community will be resuming,” a source from the community told Loop News.

It is also reported that officials from the area will be getting the help of the marine police and other law enforcement teams as they look to extend the search from just August Town, to other areas, as it is feared that the child may have been washed out to sea.

Reports are that the child, whose age has been given as anywhere between seven and 10, was on his way home during the heavy rains on Wednesday, when flood waters overtook the roadway that he normally uses.

An alarm was raised and family and community members launched a desperate search that up until late Wednesday didn’t yield any favourable results.

As the hours tick away, community members are clinging to a fragile hope and keeping their fingers crossed that the child will be found.

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