‘Caribbean Wives of South Florida’ opens in NY – News

wives1-copyKINGSTON, Jamaica — A new reality show ‘Caribbean Wives of South Florida’ will premiere in New York on November 15.

The show, produced by Maxine Tulloch, president Florida-based Tulloch Media Communications, was influenced by the popularity of American reality TV shows such as Real Housewives of Atlanta, Real Housewives of New Jersey, among others.

This new series boasts a cast featuring six successful women, three Jamaicans and the others from Grenada and Haiti — Kendra Parker (Jamaica), Carmel Moise (Haiti), Dale Forrester (Grenada), Bridgette Cadet-Young (Haiti), Jeneva Gordon (Jamaica) and Terryann Ramirez (Jamaica).

“The show looks at the triumphs, trials and tribulations of marriage, careers, raising their children and cultural challenges in America. With roots in Jamaica, Haiti, Grenada, the Dominican Republic, plus husbands linked to Trinidad, Grenada and America starring in the pilot, the show aims to join an ever-increasing number of reality shows already on the air,” said a report from New York Daily News.

“Caribbean Wives is unique. It’s different because there is nothing like it — Hollywood wants the high drama, the fights, the ridiculous conflicts, shock behaviour — we bring none of that to the production,” explained Tulloch.

“Yes, there are conflicts, but they are played out differently, the Caribbean way, with class and dignity; our culture dictates how we behave and it is shown in our production — we are different, America has never seen the Caribbean in its true form. In this production, we expressed the culture as best as possible.”

Tulloch, who is Jamaican, said her aim in producing this show was to achieve respect and recognition for the Caribbean and Caribbean nationals. She added that whenever Americans want to cast or portray a Caribbean character they turn to an American actor to play the part, and this should not be so.

“Caribbean people are talented in all areas of the arts, science, education, business, sports, military and government, and should be recognized for such…yet Caribbean-American people remain invisible and under-represented in the television entertainment industry,” Tulloch said.

The Caribbean Wives of South Florida pilot will screen at Hunter College’s Kay Playhouse in New York.

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