Chronixx calls out artistes for gun lyrics 

Chronixx, during his Chronology Tour stop at Mass Camp in Kingston on Friday night, took on his fellow artistes for violent lyrical contents in their music.

In one of the many social commentaries that he made during his performance, the conscious reggae singer, in front of a sold-out crowd, advised his colleagues that if they don’t stop influencing the youths of the island along the wrong path, they will eventually feel the consequences.

Close to the end of his two-and-a-half-hour set, his backing band, Zinc Fence Redemption, had started the notes for Likes, his title song and monster hit from his most recent album ‘Chronology’, when he stopped them to “talk to the people dem.”

The 25-year-old singer said, “mi come fi duh music, nuh duh gimmicks. Unuh nuh si a warfare a gwaan inna di place? Yet still yuh have some man a talk bout how much gun dem bus inna dem tune.

“Mi a tell di youths dem seh badness is no joke, low badness. Every bad man inna Jamaica get gunshot or deh a prison,” he said.

In reference to the production of the show, which went smoothly from start to finish with him doing almost all of his songs to the end, he said, “mi nuh come yah fi nuh whole heap a forward. Mi gi myself forward a mi yard.

“Suh mi a tell the youths dem, that is serious time now, suh watch wha unuh a tell the youths dem inna Jamaica because destruction will follow you,” he said, before singing ‘Likes’.

His comments were made against the background of Jamaica’s spiralling crime rate, with more than 1,400 people being murdered since the start of 2017.

Meanwhile, several times during the show, Chronixx suggested that women should be the leaders of the world. He attributed all the present and past wars to men and asked, “yuh eva si a woman a start a war yet?”

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