Celine Dion Weight Loss Reason Revealed — How Did She Lose Weight

Celine Dion confessed to her weight loss and revealed the reasons for her weighty criticism and complicated rumors.

Celine Dion wants her fans to know she is doing well, even though she is reportedly underweight.

The 51-year old singer, who became L’Oreal Paris’s latest spokeswoman, admitted she had dropped a few pounds but was in good health.

The “My Heart Will Go On” singer revealed that this change is due to a new activity in her life: ballet.

Dancing has been in my DNA all my life,” Dion told People of her new practice, which stylist and dancer Pal Pepe Munoz helped her get through.
“It’s a dream. And so hard!” She elaborates.

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This came after rumors earlier this year that the songwriter “My Heart Will Go On” was battling an eating disorder. The rumors apparently started when the Canadian singer attended several fashion shows in January. When she attended Alexandre Vauthier’s fashion show in Paris on January 22, 2019, the singer noticed that she had lost a lot of weight.

The next day, Celine Dion was among the crowd at Ronald van der Kemp’s fashion show for the City of Lights. She attended the event along with her close friend and backup dancer Pepe Munoz. At the time, some fans speculated that Celine Dion looked weaker and slimmer than her normal self.

Many fans of the musician have since expressed their concern for him on social media, stating that he is also “thin” and “weak”. Others have begun to speculate whether she is not eating due to anorexia. However, many netizens also slammed the diva for not taking care of her body.

In late January, the “Ashes” hitmaker broke his silence during an interview for the “The Don Wooten Interview” podcast.

I want to feel strong, beautiful, feminine and sexy. If I like it, I don’t want to talk about it. … If you like it, I’ll be there if you’re not, leave me alone, “he said.

Celine Dion Weight Loss Tips Dance / Move or Weight Loss
Despite Celine’s brave statement, rumors of body shaking and eating disorder never went away. This week, the singer set off anorexia speculation when she sat down for an interview with “Good Morning America”. The 51-year-old recording artist admitted that she is “a bit thinner” than before, but said that all this is due to her passion for dancing.

I do this 4 times a week.
“People say, ‘He has a lot of skin, but I work hard. I like to move and (lose weight) comes with it.

The Grammy winner, who has made her own residence for the past eight years at Cami Palace Palace Las Vegas, has taken the ballet, which she credits to such a beautiful image.