Once a staple in the 1980s with hits such as Pretty Looks Done and Dutty Bundle, he is determined to find his place in the current state of dancehall.

Major Mackerel

“I was absent from Jamaica for a while. But now I’m back and slowly but surely getting back into the groove of things. The industry has changed a lot since those days, but I believe I can still do it. The style of music and the rhythms have changed, but still it’s nothing that I can’t do,” he said.

The entertainer has several upcoming shows for the Christmas season, among which is Sting. A special treat is planned for that occasion, he says.

“I’m putting in the work right now so you’ll see me at the shows. And you’ll be hearing the new music that we’re working on right now. They’re of good quality and style so just look and listen out for Major Mackerel,” he shared.

The veteran dancehall deejay has landed in the spotlight in recent times.

Major Mackerel

He attributes this to the use of his dubplate in The Magnum All Star Face-Off, currently taking place at Famous nightclub in Portmore every Thursday night until December 19.

KipRich used a Major Mackerel dubplate in his face-off with Elephant Man, and Damian Crawford also utilised a dub from the veteran artist in his selecting clash against Daryl Vaz.

“The dubs I did for them to use in the clashes are earning me a lot of calls, both for dubplates and for shows. I guess people are either at the event and hear dem or dem hear about how the dubs kill dem ova deh! This is giving me a lot of attention. Things are really looking good,” he said.