Man wanted for shooting at police station, captured after turning up at hospital

MANCHESTER, Jamaica – A Manchester man who managed to elude the police after opening gunfire at lawmen at the Cross Keys Police Station in January, is now under police guard in hospital after allegedly shooting at the police on Tuesday during an operation to apprehend him.

He has been identified as 25-year-old Orlando Lee.

Head of the Manchester police Superintendent Lloyd Darby said that about 1:45 am, intelligence led the operation team to Blenheim district in the parish where a search for Lee got underway.

“Based on intelligence the police went to Blenheim district in the Newport area, where Lee was at a house,” Darby said, adding that during the gun battle, Lee again managed to escape officers only to turn up at the Mandeville Regional Hospital later with gunshot wounds.

Lee was reporting on bail for illegal possession of firearm when he opened gunfire at police officers at the Cross Keys station on Tuesday, January 25.

Reports are that about 4:00 pm, Lee turned up at the station when officers observed a bulge in his waist and accosted him. Lee reportedly pulled a firearm and opened gunfire at the officers before escaping. No officer was injured during the incident.

Superintendent Darby said the police are investigating Lee for other criminal offences that have been committed since the shooting at the police station.

Lee is now facing two other counts of shooting and illegal possession of firearm.

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