By Curtis Campbell—

Media personality Alician Roxborough is hoping that her new online radio station, Tony Culture Time, will break into the youth market and inform younger listeners about Jamaica’s rich cultural heritage.

Roxborough said online radio stations are rapidly occupying a large part of the entertainment landscape and are the best medium through which to reach a tech-savvy generation.

Observing that many Jamaican youth are not in sync with their culture and know little about the history of Jamaican music, Roxborough is hopeful that Tony Culture Time will first attract their attention, then immerse them in a pool of authentic Jamaican content.

Tony Culture Time is a musical presentation streamed online at http://www.tony, four days per week and on Saturday’s 2pm-4pm. The show is also aired in the United States on radio stations in New Jersey and New York.

Tony Culture at the controls!

Tony Culture at the controls!


On Mondays, the first 90 minutes of the show will focus on lover’s rock music from the ’80s and ’90s, into the 2000s. Not to be left out of the mix, other eras will receive attention in the second 90 minutes, when Tony Culture Time will present a mixture of genres.

The other two segments of the show will focus on contemporary reggae and dancehall love tunes before the show concludes with music from pioneer producers, paying homage to persons such as Clement ‘Sir Coxson’ Dodd and Gibbs, as well as work Channel One, among others.

Tony Culture Time has a special new tunes package for its audience on Tuesdays. However, it is packaged differently from contemporary radio stations. Roxborough said the online station’s new music is still what many people would describe the past, however, they are projects which did not receive their fair attention at the time of release.

Joe Gibbs

Joe Gibbs

“I use a range as far back as the past years as my definition of new tunes. I know that is a long period to call it all new, but our music gets pushed aside too quickly. It’s new to who never heard it before,” Roxborough said.

All the shows featured on Tony Culture Time are open to calls from the target audience. Listeners can call (973) 619-9061 to share their views and or make suggestions. For more information on the other shows aired on Tony Culture Time online radio, persons can browse and .

Recording artists or aspiring artists who want to feature their work on the online radio programme are being asked to submit a biography and five songs, including jingles or dubs.