Pentecostal church body distances group from St James ‘cult pastor’ 

The Jamaica Pentecostal Union (Apostolic) (JPU (A), the umbrella group for Pentecostal Apostolic churches in Jamaica says the ‘cult leader Kevin Smith and Pathways International’ were not aligned to their organization.

“The JPU (A) unreservedly and categorically repudiate all forms of alleged cultic practices identified in the Pathways International Kingdom Restoration Ministries in Albion, St James which operated under the leadership of the now-deceased Kevin Smith, the JPU (A), the umbrella group for Pentecostal (Apostolic) churches and ministers in Jamaica, stated in a release.

“These practices which came to light just over a week ago, allegedly involved (1) the detestable ritualistic offering of two of its members as sacrifices and (2) worship of the leader who is himself a man,” the release stated.

“They demand our public declaration that the cult leader and Pathways International were not in any way aligned to the JPU(A),” the release stated.

The release went further.

“We believe: There is but ONE true, eternal God (Deut 6:4); He alone is to be worshipped (Exodus 20:3); He abhors and condemns human sacrifices (Deut.18:10; 12:31; Leviticus 18:21) which constitutes profanity of His name; Jesus Christ gave his life for man’s redemption over 2000 years ago; the efficacy of his sacrifice makes it unnecessary for any other human sacrifice (Hebrews 10:14).

The JPU(A) in the release also offered condolences to the families of the deceased.

“We sincerely regret the trauma that has been unleashed on the members of the organisation and in particular on our children; the security forces and the people of Jamaica in general.

We pledge to continue preaching and teaching the good news of salvation in conformity with Acts 2 verse 38 and attend to the needs of the dispossessed in keeping with the principles of love, mercy and compassion,” the release said.