Supt Derrick Champagnie—

MONTEGO BAY, St James —-

The St James police have announced that no permits will be granted for promoters to stage dances in communities where murders/shootings have been committed within 21 days prior to the date of the application.

According to a release from the head of the St James Police Division, Superintendent Derrick Champagnie, the move comes against the background of threats made by a number of persons who the St James police have listed as persons of interest. These persons of interest have decided “to use these events to exact revenge on persons who they are in conflict with”.

Meanwhile, Superintendent Champagnie was quick to point out that the police were forced to make the drastic move in the interest of protecting lives.

“The police took no pleasure in adopting this posture. However, the protecting of lives of the citizens of those communities is of greater importance at this time,” Champagnie declared in the release.


According to the commander of the St James Police Division, in their latest release they listed 10 men of St James addresses as persons of interest.

The men listed as persons of interest are:

* Damaine Samuels aliases, Damage and Dam of Bottom Road, Salt Spring, Montego Hills;

* Michael Campbell, also called Townist, and Andrew, of Meggie Top, Salt Spring Montego Hills;

* Daniel Whittaker, also called Dan Dan of Mission Corner, Salt Spring;

* Robert Calvert, also known as Ziggy of Cottage, Salt Spring, Montego Hills;

* Owayne Clarke, also called Puss Head of Clark Street, Mount Salem;

* Junior Edwards, who also goes by the alias Coachie of Somerton;

* Anthony Gibbs, also called Webser of Moore Park;

* Marvin Lewis, also called Chin of Red Dirt, Flanker; and

* Brent Morgan alias Size Ten of Dappa Lane, Green Pond.

“These men are asked to turn themselves in with the help of their attorneys, pastors/relatives or justices of the peace,” implored the head honcho of the St James Police Division.

Superintendent Champagnie is also warning persons not to harbour these persons of interest, as it is a serious offence which may land them in custody.

In the meantime, Supt Champagnie also warned criminals migrating to St James at the invitation of gang members, that they are not welcome in the parish.

“I want to warn persons who are being lured in the parish by gang members from as far as the Corporate Area and St Catherine, to refrain from doing so as the police is aware of this new trend and in recent time have been apprehending a number of persons who are not from the parish that are here on the invitation of gang members,” he cautioned.


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