UPDATE: Dad of murdered beauty fumes as son-in-law splits with lawyer 

The father of the Portland woman reportedly killed in 2013 by her spouse who is a police officer, has expressed frustration over the cop’s parting ways with his attorney.

Fitz King told OBSERVER ONLINE that he feels that Lincoln McKoy is employing delay tactic by splitting with his attorney on the eve of the start of his trial for the shooting death of Jessica King in August 2013.

“It’s very, very frustrating,” King said on Friday, hours after it was announced that McKoy had parted company with his attorney.

“I’m fed up about it. She’s my first child. The case has been dragging out and it seems like a delay tactic for him. I don’t see the reason for this right now. I’m not comfortable,” King said in despair, adding that he has problems sourcing the funds to travel to Kingston for the hearings.

Attorney Christopher Townsend told the court early Friday that he and McKoy weren’t seeing “eye-to-eye” and that the decision was taken for them to part ways. The prosecution, at the same time said it was ready to proceed with the trial.

McKoy is charged with murder for the shooting death of Jessica King in Port Antonio, in August 2013. He reportedly turned the gun on himself but survived his injuries. He was subsequently charged.

Paul Henry


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