J’can sues Missouri health authority for racial discrimination

JEFFERSON CITY, United States — A man, who court documents identify as a black Jamaican man, is suing a Missouri hospital for US$75,000 plus damages and attorney’s and court costs after what he alleges was racial discrimination and retaliation.

US media is reporting that Jerome Morgan, a former security aide with the Missouri Department of Mental Health, has filed a suit against his employers, alleging that he and other black employees were given less favourable and more dangerous jobs at the Fulton State Hospital because of their race.

Morgan reportedly filed a charge of discrimination with the Missouri Commission of Human Rights detailing the allegations of racial discrimination in September 2016.

Morgan alleges that white workers were given less physically risky assignments, while black workers were placed in areas with higher risk for violence. He also alleges that he endured racial and harassing comments from co-workers, which he reported, but to no avail.

Morgan also reportedly argues that his Jamaican origin was a “contributing factor in his coworkers’ racist and derogatory comments”.

It has been reported that Morgan requested a trial by jury in his lawsuit.

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