SEX ON CELL BLOCK: Local prisoners set to get conjugal visits 

Screenshot of the music video for Spice and Vybz Kartel’s hit song, ‘Conjugal Visit’. Inmates are set to be granted conjugal visits at local prisons.

Local prison inmates are set to be allowed conjugal visits, National Security Minister Robert Montague has indicated.

The minister announced the new policy while addressing the Jamaica 55 Diaspora Conference in Kingston on Monday.

He expressed the view that allowing inmates to have restricted sexual relations with their partners will have a positive impact on the correctional system.

Montague said in search of more effective reform within the prison system, a wider array of initiatives are being introduced to help rehabilitate inmates.

He said among the measures, the overall prison population has been reclassified to separate hardened criminals from low-level and low-risk offenders.

The minister said more space is also being created within the prison system, to reduce overcrowding.

Additionally, he said more prisoners have been put to work, noting that two of the meals that are provided for the prisoners each day, include mostly food that is produced by the inmate population.

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