9th-grade student collapses, dies of heart attack

ST MARY, Jamaica — Ninth-grade Marymount High School student Abigail Hyman fainted at her school in Highgate, St Mary, Monday and was taken to health centre where she reportedly died of a heart attack.

In a release a short while ago, the Ministry of Education said it is saddened by her sudden death and that a team of guidance counsellors has been dispatched to support and encouragement to the Marymount family.

The Education Ministry also extended condolences to Abigail’s family, the students, teachers and administration of the Marymount High School.

“I pray that the peace of the Lord will be their strong shield and comfort,” said Elain Foster–Allen, permanent secretary at the Ministry of Education.

Education Minister Ronald Thwaites is scheduled to visit the school later this week.