Another 21 guns seized

Just three days after Police Commissioner Major General Antony Anderson announced a doubling of illegal rifle seizures, the authorities on Friday made another big arms bust, snatching three rifles and 18 handguns at a warehouse at the wharf in Kingston.

More than 1,000 rounds of ammunition were also seized.

Shortly after the bust, Anderson indicated that the latest find was due to collaboration between the police, military, customs and other agencies focusing on the Government’s recently launched ‘Get Every Illegal Gun’ campaign.

The commissioner said that investigations continue around this latest bust to determine if there were more firearms and ammunition that weren’t uncovered.

On Tuesday, Anderson shared that 163 illegal firearms had been taken from criminals, which means Friday’s discovery brought the figure to 184 since the start of the year. Of that number, just over 30 were high-powered rifles including AK-47s.

“Customs detected what looked like a suspicious package and called in [Counter-Terrorism and Organised Crime Investigation Branch] C-TOC and together we have been searching and we have found so far, 18 handguns and three rifles and ammunition. The operation is ongoing and we will continue this into tomorrow (today) and see the extent of what we can uncover as part of our ‘Get every illegal gun’ campaign. As I had mentioned at our last press conference, we are working very closely with Customs, who has been on-board to find these weapons, along with our intelligence services,” the police commissioner said.

“This is another significant seizure in the Get Every Gun campaign. We are going to be relentless on this. The guns, gunmen, and the gangs are not going to go unnoticed. The guns will be found and the gunmen will be taken into custody and the gangs will be dismantled. We are not going to stop,” Anderson insisted.