Bishop booked for allegedly raping church visitor to ‘cast out demons’ 

A 56-year- old bishop and businessman from St Catherine has been charged with rape and another crime following allegations that he tricked a female visitor to his church to have sex with him, claiming that the act was necessary to cast demons out of the woman.

The police said the clergyman, Winston Campbell, was charged with rape and obtaining money by false pretence after he allegedly also tricked the female into paying him $2,500 to cover costs associated with the arrangements for the act.

The police said the pastor was charged following a question-and-answer session with investigators.

Reports are that the now accused churchman met the now complainant who was a visitor to the Faith Works Church of God in St Catherine that is led by Campbell.

The police said they received reports that the pastor convinced the woman that someone had set demons to hurt her, and that he would need to help her before she dies.

The bishop reportedly took the woman to the Annex Motel in the parish, where he told her that he would need to insert a liquid through a condom into her vagina for the demons to be forced out of her body.

Bishop Campbell then allegedly placed a condom on his penis with the liquid inside, after which he punctured the condom and inserted his member inside the woman, all the time convincing her that she would be healed by the overall act.

The clergyman then reportedly took $2,500.00 from the complainant, supposedly to cover the cost of purchasing items towards her ‘healing’.

A report was subsequently made to the police and upon request, Campbell later turned himself in to investigators, accompanied by his attorney.