Carnival ‘fat pig’ ad sparks controversy

(File photo)

KINGSTON, Jamaica — A press advertisement by a local gymnasium featuring a fat pig in a carnival costume has sparked heated controversy among users on social networking site, Twitter.

The ad, which appeared in the Jamaica Observer on Monday, January 13, has left Twitter users enraged, charging that it is a clever form of body shaming and will, in fact, do more harm than good.

“People are harming themselves to be skinny and a pig in a dress is just what they need right? Awesome idea. Kmt @…” one user posted.

“Could put a picture of road march then offer some carnival prep package to help people get in shape. But that would be too easy,” she added.

Others commented that the ad would only serve to keep overweight people out of the gym, through fear of embarrassment.

One user asked, “Likening them to pigs…is that what a gym is about?”

“There are better ways to target out of shape people. The ad is in poor taste,” another commented.

There were however some people on Twitter who argued that the ad is quite humorous and would definitely get the point across.

“I think it’s funny and will reach its target audience,” one person said.

Research has shown that body- image issues, which usually arises through how people are portrayed in the media, is linked to low self esteem and self-harm.

“At the end of the day a lot of these gyms are in business solely to make money off of insecure people who will pay to hear that stuff,” a user posted.

— Candiese Leveridge