By Leighton Levy—

Rapidly rising reggae singer Chris Martin is on track to launch the first of what it is expected to be several albums for VP Records early next year.

Chris Martin
The 26-year-old reggae star signed a multi-album deal with the record label in August in a move that he believes will take him to new heights in a burgeoning career that has seen him become a hot act in Africa, certain parts of Europe, the Caribbean and along the east coast of the United States.

“It’s a nice deal,” he said. “It was structured properly, and at the level we are at now, we are trying to take the music to a higher level and with VP’s mechanisms in it now, with what they can do and with the hard work we have been putting in, the sky is definitely the limit.”

“The album is due out with the first quarter of 2014 and from there, we have the option to do others,” he said.

Work on the album is almost complete, save for his penchant for changing songs that have already been selected, Martin confesses.

“Almost every time I go into the studio, I switch out a song because I feel that another one is stronger,” he said.

The entertainer, who was recently on tour in Scandinavia, also reveals that some of his previous hits will be on the debut album.

“A few of the bombers that are out already will be on it, but the majority of the songs will be new songs.”

blessed by the almighty

Martin stars in the movie Destiny

Martin considers himself blessed, given the recent happenings in his life. In addition to the album that will be released next year, Martin also plays the lead role in a movie, Destiny, that is to be released next summer.

With his songs doing well and his new album deal looking set to push him further into the spotlight, Martin is thankful.

“I feel like it is a culmination of all the hard work I have been putting in and the prayers I have been putting up,” he said.

“Mankind couldn’t do all of this. As much as their support is important, I owe all of this to the Almighty because He has seen my struggles and all that I have been through.”