droop lion

Droop Lion
By Sadeke Brooks—

As many Jamaicans lament their poor financial conditions, reggae singer Droop Lion says many persons are able to relate to his song, Ghetto Life, because it paints a similar picture.

Since its release a month ago, Droop Lion says the song has been getting a great deal of airplay in Jamaica and has made its way on to top-10 reggae charts in Belgium and England.

“Ghetto Life has been out a month and the people just a receive the song because it speak so much about the livity weh a gwaan pon the island. It a talk bout the oppression and how people have to be innovators to survive,” he told The Gleaner.

“It’s like a brand-new hit for Droop Lion. We a try keep it simple so that people can really see the significance of the song.”

He noted that he also had a previous song from his catalogue, Mama Soon Come Back, also charted.

“It’s always a growing process and the people dem a receive it, so I and I a give thanks,” he said.

With his song getting much success, Droop Lion said he is also gearing up for an eight-week European tour early next year. Earlier this year, he was the opening act for Capleton on a tour of Europe, but this time around, Droop Lion says he hopes to make an impact as the main act.

He said he is working on a 12-track album and hopes to promote the new material on the tour.

“I believe in productions. I have to put in the work to get to the heights I want to get to,” Droop Lion said, noting that a group called The Gladiators would accompany him on the tour.

“The one (tour) before was just a gate opener. I won’t be an opening act, so I will have to stand up now. It’s more pressure pon I and I. After a time, the music grow and the responsibilities grow with it.”