Free at last: Man released from prison after 50 years without trial 

Criminal charges against George Williams, the mentally-ill man who spent 50 years in prison without a trial, have been dropped.

The charges were dropped Wednesday when Williams appeared in the St Catherine Parish Court.

“I am feeling so elated right now… After 50 years, he is finally freed,” an emotional Pamela Green, Williams’ niece, told Loop News afterwards outside the courthouse.

Williams, 71, was represented by attorney Isat Buchanan, who was hired by human rights group Stand Up for Jamaica to seek his release.

“This is certainly what I like to call swift justice, so I am very happy,” Buchanan said, adding “To know that all of this happened in seven days…. this is what we want for our justice system.

“There are many of our brothers and sisters still in there, and we need to assist them like we did for George,” he added.