From being abandoned in car park as baby to now a police sergeant 

Pure Joy! The eruption of cheers and celebration that followed the announcement by Police Commissioner Antony Anderson that Detective Constable Joy Carter was being promoted to the rank of sergeant was just that—pure Joy (pun intended).

The moment was captured and shared by the Jamaica Constabulary Force on its Facebook page on Friday.

Carter, a cancer survivor, was abandoned in a car park as a baby and found by a police officer. She decided to join the JCF right out of high school, and it has been 19 years since then

According to her supervisors and peers, she exudes a very high level of professionalism, dedication, enthusiasm, and discipline.

The JCF said over her 19 years of service, Carter was appointed a detective and attained qualifications such as a Bachelor of Arts in History and a Bachelor of Laws from the University of the West Indies, Mona campus.

She went on to Norman Manley Law School, where she studied and obtained a Legal Education Certificate. She was called to the Jamaican Bar on December 15, 2020.

Carter was diagnosed with cancer during her studies at the Norman Manley Law School, and she continued to work and study full-time while receiving treatment.

The JCF said even when she was told that she should take time off for her health, she was resolute to stay with the Forensic Scene of Crime investigator’s team.

She continues to work and has been instrumental in the investigation of several high-profile cases, the JCF said.

Anderson announced her promotion during a visit with senior investigators at a case review.

The JCF said it is still searching for the police officer who found Carter in the car park years ago.