Tessanne Chin

By Sadeke Brooks–

As someone who has faced her fear of struggles in the music industry before what seems like the dawning of stardom, Tessanne Chin says a space should be created for young artistes.

Following her stint as one of Jimmy Cliff’s back-up singers, Chin became a member of the band Mile High, before launching her solo career with songs like HideawayBlackbooks and Messenger, but for years, she struggled to achieve stardom in Jamaica or make a dent on the international market.

Finally, her big break came late last year when she won season five of NBC’s ‘The Voice’.

Based on her own struggles, Chin says more needs to be done for emerging talent.

“We need to create a place for them,” she told The Gleaner.

“If it wasn’t for places like Redbones, Village Café and Weekendz in my day that gave people a chance to have their shows … how do we expect our young artists to get recognition for the rest of the year? Create more spaces for them.”


talented people out there

Chin said shows like Rebel Salute, Jamaica Jazz & Blues and Reggae Sumfest are great platforms for young artists, but they only occur once a year.

She said it would also be a good idea for radio stations to have programmes that showcase only new music “to give people a chance.”

“Why not do something that can actually help the music industry grow? Give young talent a chance ’cause there is a whole heap a talented people out there,” Chin explained to The Gleaner.

And for young, talented artists who may be doubting themselves, Chin said they should keep trying.

“You couldn’t tell me a year ago that this was gonna happen. I made up my mind a year ago that I was gonna sing. I believe God put me here to sing and I had to come to terms with that being a gift in itself and that I could make a living from singing,” Chin said.

“But for me, it has to be a passion, it cannot just be about money, popularity or the hype, because that doesn’t come for a while, and it comes and it fades. You have to do something that you love and keep doing it. For me, I didn’t have another option and I don’t want another option. Just hold your head up in the good and the bad times and just stay at it.”