Jamaica braces for another plane load of deportees from the UK

The number of deportees in Jamaica is set to increase by about 50 in another two weeks when a plane load from the United Kingdom is set to arrive in the island.

The authorities in both Jamaica and the UK have confirmed that the deportees, who were convicted of various crimes while in the UK, will arrive in the island on February 6.

The timing for the mass deportation to Jamaica is consistent with this time of year. In March 2017, some 32 Jamaicans were sent back to Jamaica from the United Kingdom while in March, 2018, some 66 Jamaicans who had run afoul of the law in the United States were deported from the North American country.

Returned residents walking outside the Mobile Reserve facility in Kingston after being processed on Thursday. (PHOTOS: Llewellyn Wynter)

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The estimated 50 deportees who are set to arrive in Jamaica next month have been booked on a specially chartered flight. They will be accompanied by scores of law enforcement officials.

Once they have arrived in the island, the deportees will be processed and the police will determine what interest, if any they may have in any of them. That processing will determine whether any of the deportees will be monitored by law enforcement while in Jamaica.

Traditionally, the majority of deportees were charged with immigration breaches such as overstaying their time but others have been convicted of serious crimes to include murder, gun and drug running.