JLP sets rules for leadership election – News

THE Jamaica Labour Party’s (JLP) Election Commission yesterday issued a number of rules which will guide current internal campaigning for the leadership of the party.


In a release to the media, the commission said it has decided that:

All public statements by any candidate, his agent or any team member aimed at campaigning for this poll, including but not limited to any oral or written, advertisements in any form and by any medium must cease five days before taking of the poll;

* All campaigning, including but not limited to meetings, marches and tour must cease 24 hours before the poll; and that

* No delegate attending the party’s conference on November 10 will be permitted to wear any T-shirt or other clothing, badge, button or hat which identifies any candidate, member of Parliament, or constituency representative by image, likeness or writing.

The commission stated that the decisions were taken in the best interest of the JLP, and are designed to reduce tension, preserve party unity and, above all, to ensure that every delegate will be able to cast his or her vote in an election that is free and fair.

The commission also reminded all candidates that, in keeping with the requirements of the party’s code of conduct adopted by the Central Executive on September 15, 2013, a detailed account of all funds employed in this election campaign must be kept, including sources of funding as well as a detailed account of expenditure.

The commission said it has communicated these rules in letters to all candidates involved in the internal elections.

Party leader Andrew Holness is being challenged for the position by deputy leader and spokesman on finance, Audley Shaw. The vote will take place at the party’s annual conference on November 10 at the National Arena in Kingston.

The JLP’s election commission is made up of attorneys-at-law George Soutar, chairman; Senator Tom Tavares-Finson, who also represents the party on the Electoral Commission of Jamaica; and Leslie Campbell.