Macka robbed downtown

DEEJAYS Macka Diamond and her beau Spotlight Kunta were robbed in downtown Kingston on Thursday afternoon.

According to police reports, the dancehall acts were allegedly robbed by a man in the vicinity of Princess and Barry streets in the capital city. He made off with Macka’s handbag and Spotlight’s chain.

The report was made at the Central Police Station.

“It all happened so fast. We were driving slowly and got stuck in traffic between Barry and Princess Street at about 3:00 pm yesterday (Thursday). The windows were a little down, and outta nowhere mi see this tall man grab up Spotlight chain and mi bag. Spotlight start to wrestle with him and give the man a big lick inna him chest,” said Macka Diamond. “But the man mek a big push and get outta Spotlight hand and run off. The whole incident shake me up, all now mi shock, but mi glad say everybody alright. The man gone with Spotlight chain and the bag with CAN$8,000, but money is not all… We have life.”

Spotlight Kunta told the Observer that he is shaken up by the experience.

“Yesterday (Thursday) was worse than today. It happened so suddenly,” said Spotlight Kunta, whose tracks include Kunta Bounce, featuring Elephant Man; Shine Bright; and Sexy.

Macka Diamond and Spotlight Kunta recently returned to Jamaica after doing gigs in Toronto last week.

The police are investigating.

Macka Diamond got her break in the early 2000s. She is known for songs including Think Bout Me (featuring Unicorn), Bun Him (Black-Er) and Cow Foot.