Maroon chief hands over firearms after FLA discloses breach 

Following the disclosure by Firearm Licensing Authority Chief Executive Officer Shane Dalling on Tuesday that Richard Currie — colonel of the Accompong Maroons in St Elizabeth — was in breach of the Firearm Licensing Act, Loop News has learnt that the Maroon chief has handed over his guns to the FLA.

Shane Dalling had told the media on Tuesday that Currie was issued with two gun permits and that “his license is not up to date”.

“He has not done the renewal process and, as such, the matter has been referred to the police for them to assist,” Dalling told the media on Tuesday.

Loop News was informed by a usually reliable source on Thursday that the Maroon chief has turned over two guns to the FLA.

After Dalling’s disclosure on Tuesday, an irate Buju Banton blasted the Government of Jamaica for the decision to reveal that Currie’s firearm permits had expired.

The entertainer, in a video posted to his Instagram page, said the number of guns owned by criminals outnumbers those owned by law-abiding Jamaicans.

“Here in Jamaica, the criminals have more guns than the lawful, legal people dem in dis country. The criminals run around wanton; wi have police criminal, soldier criminal – all kinda criminal,” the “Untold Stories” singer said.

The Gargamel, who has declared himself a Maroon descendant of the freedom fighters of Moore Town, is a supporter of Currie. Last year, he helped equip Currie’s St Elizabeth community with two horses and a tractor to aid the Maroons in their efforts at sustainable development and self-reliance.

Last year, a video circulating on social media showed what appeared to be a confrontation between Currie and members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force in Bethsalem, St Elizabeth. In the video, Currie, with a shotgun over his back, ordered the police to leave the area after they allegedly went there to destroy marijuana plants. The FLA said then that it would investigate.

During his press conference on Tuesday, Dalling also revealed that the Firearms Licensing Authority had issued 200 firearm licences to people with criminal convictions between 2014 and 2017.