More Road Traffic Act concerns? 

With the Government indicating that it will amend the regulations under the New Road Traffic Act relative to a car restraint system for children under 12 years old, some social media users have issued a call for authorities to use that time to also review a few other measures in the Act.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness spoke about the matter regarding the car restraint system at a press briefing on Friday afternoon at Jamaica House, hours after the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) said it would exercise some discretion when issuing tickets to operators of public passenger vehicles who do not comply with the requirement for child restraint systems.

But, following this move, some Jamaicans say the window should also be used to carefully go over some of the other measures in the Act.

“I believe that while Government is looking to review that part of the Act, they can also use the time to look at other areas and not just wait until there is major public outcry and they are again forced to go to the review board,” said one user.

Some users spoke about areas such as the $150,000 fine for motorists who operate vehicles that smoke excessively.

One user, Anthony White, had a suggestion for this measure.

“Rubbish! J$150,000, can prevent this person from repairing/rebuilding this vehicle, which could be the primary source of income. Issue a warning, if after 30 days, the vehicle is still smoking, excessively, then remove the plates,” the user suggested.

Another user, Sheryl Williams, disagreed.

“Fine maybe kind of harsh…BUT….it should be a deterrent for all those damn smoke bombs I’ve been driving around on the roads. Sometimes you have to wonder if some a these drivers know how badly and how much of a nuisance their smoking vehicles are..,” the user suggested.

Both users however agreed that this was also another area that could be reviewed while the authorities look to adjust measures regarding car seats.

The users suggest that this should be the case as it would be unfair for Government to clamp down so harshly on some motorists but state-owned buses were allowed to move around with the same problem or in some cases even worse.

“How will @JamaicaConstab deal with the many JUTC buses that smoke heavily?

James Smith, another social media user, said that the time could also be used to review the $30,000 fine for not traveling with a driver’s license.

The social media user also identified as Smithie, suggested that this be relaxed as the current system that the police have can accommodate typing in the TRN number for a motorist and the details of the license is obtained.

Driving a motor vehicle on a road without being the holder of a permit or driver’s license entitling you to drive that motor vehicle fine $30,000.

“With the current system I think motorists could again be given time to produce their license because people do forget if they are stopped and do not have the item on their person,” said one user.