PM issue strong warning to rogue cops linking with dons

Prime Minister Andrew Holness has warned that the time has come for rogue members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF), friendly with area dons to desist from such practice.

“Those who are in the force that chummy with them, hang out with them, give them special privileges, work for them, that must stop. That must stop because until there is a separation then we won’t be able to address masterminds behind the crimes,” the prime minister warned.

“We have to separate the dons from their friends in the police force.”

The prime minister was speaking at the Jamaica Police Federation 76th annual conference at the Moon Palace resort in St Ann.

Holness, who argued that dons, guns, and gangs constitute the major crime challenges in the country, articulated the need to establish legislation to place dons on a watch list.

“There should be government policy crafted along with legislation to place dons on a watch list where they know that we are watching them and that we can put control orders in place for them,” Holness stated.

“They (dons) feel that well if they get caught they just need to get a good lawyer and if they get arrested they may very well get off. And if they get a term in prison they can probably still run their criminal enterprises from prison.”